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Blockchain Smart Contracts

Blockchain technology and the use of smart contracts is already positively impacting all kinds of businesses. When it comes to cryptocurrency, a smart contract strengthens all the advantages of transparency, speed and security while opening the door to even more possibilities.

Only 0.04% Of Taxpayers Are Reporting Any Bitcoin Gains To The IRS

In all likelihood, this means that (tens of) thousands of bitcoin traders are refusing to pay the IRS, either betting on the anonymity of the blockchain to conceal their identities, or perhaps in some cases they simply don’t have the money to pay, having lost most of their profits during the market’s spectacular meltdown.

The Worst Ways To Buy Cryptocurrency

The ongoing cryptocurrency craze has spawned an epidemic of impracticality, with increasing numbers of people desperate enough to get in on the crypto action to take dangerous levels of risk to feed their FOMO (fear of missing out).


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Unpacking the 5 Biggest Cryptocurrency Scams

While the smartest minds have created some game-changing companies backed by the power of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, nefarious minds have also jumped on the bandwagon, fleecing unwitting investors in elaborate scams.

6 Myths About Bitcoin And How To Bust Them: Expert Take

Given all the negative press that Bitcoin has to fight against, the arguments in favor of Bitcoin may sometimes be lost in all the noise. So let’s have a look at the typical attacks on Bitcoin and how the community could respond to them.