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Author: BlockCubed Staff

Blockchain Smart Contracts

Blockchain technology and the use of smart contracts is already positively impacting all kinds of businesses. When it comes to cryptocurrency, a smart contract strengthens all the advantages of transparency, speed and security while opening the door to even more possibilities.

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Understanding the Difference Between Proof of Work vs. Proof of Stake

This article was originally published by Original Crypto Coin Editor’s Note: The team at Original Crypto Coin (OCC) is hosting live cryptocurrency education events. If you are not familiar with OCC (ERC20 Token), we encourage you to give this incredible idea a look. Unlike most cryptocurrency projects, there was no Initial Coin Offering or pre-sale for these tokens. All 56 billion tokens were airdropped absolutely free directly to users who requested them. As you can see, the intention is to educate new users and to create an ecosystem utilizing OCC, without putting people in a position where they stand to lose their...

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