The last several months have been an absolute bloodbath for Bitcoin, Ehtereum, Litecoin and hundreds of other cryptocurrency Alt Coins.

Experts have provided a wide array of reasons for the crash including regulatory headwinds, market distrust and a correction resulting from a price rise in 2017 that was too big and came too fast.

But one theory now circulating in the blockchain community is that some very big insiders may have gotten wind of coming news that the rest of the market is not yet privy to. And those insiders could be rapidly unloading their Bitcoins to seek safety in traditional currencies.

A number of crypto analysts and enthusiasts have weighed in on the possibility:

But not everyone is convinced of a grand conspiracy involving insider knowledege:

To say big money whales have inside knowledge or are engaged in the down-ward manipulation of prices so they can acquire more before massive amounts of institutional money moves into the space would be speculation at this point.

While prices may continue to slide from here, with some analysts going so far as to predict sub-$5000 Bitcoin, others suggest that the recent drop in price could be an opportunity for long-term investors:

Earlier this week financial firm Morgan Stanley noted that the 70% declines are nothing out of the ordinary for cryptocurrency markets.