Earlier this week it was theorized that a group of high net worth players could know something that is not yet public, and that those “whales” are actively dumping crypto currency assets in anticipation of news that could have a negative impact on the price of Bitcoin. Within that report it was also noted that large financial institutions and trading organizations could be attempting to drop the price of Bitcoin and acquire it cheaply ahead of new regulatory framework that could soon reinvigorate a mountain of investment capital and send cryptocurrencies to all time highs.

Though the latter sounds like a conspiracy theory, a new Steemit post from Super Crypto suggests that such a loosely knit organization may well be at play. But rather than wanting to just acquire Bitcoin at cheaper prices, Super Crypto suggests that the goal of the cartel is to actively control the monetary aspects of Bitcoin, similar to what has been done with gold and silver over the last several decades.

According to the report, the scheme involves a variety of players, including traders, large financial institutions and the media, as evidenced by recently coordinated mainstream news attacks.

The obvious question is, “what is the motivation?”

The answer is quite simple:

Cartel is like an Invisible Hand!! Deal with it

Who are these entities?

They consist of CERTAIN Traders, Agencies, Big Financial institutions & Media (I can list many more but let’s keep it limited). They all work in a perfect synchronization to pull coordinated attacks to attain the goal of price-suppression. See what happened on Jan-30–2018 and Mar-07–2018? (many bad news hitting the market within hours of each other as Bitcoin was sitting on a critical support at 10K). Once 10K was broken the Cartel took over and started shoring Bitcoin like HELL. today we almost hit 8K. (and we are again below 8K when this post was updated on Mar-18)

Why do they do this?

It’s all about money control. Financial elite has recognized that Bitcoin and Crypto in general is a threat to their existence. What do powers do when they see anything as a threat or enemy? You got it, they try to destroy the enemy (by all means). Therefore, It is extremely important for the Financial-elite to stop bitcoin’s rise so their show can continue.

What do they do to stop the RISE of Bitcoin? They first let it rise to unimaginable height (20K first stop). Then they drop it to unimaginable lows. They will do this many times. They have trillions of dollar to maintain the show going, UNTIL the RETAIL investor gives up in frustration. What you are seeing since Mid-2017 is just the 1st inning of 9 innings Bitcoin game.

Bitcoin has been placed into Geopolitical chessboard since Mid-2017. Most of the Bitcoiners have NO IDEA how big this game is. Crypto space is just a pawn on this chessboard and there are elite-fingers moving these pawns (Gold, Silver and now Bitcoin).

The full report, complete with dates, news releases, charts and analysis can be read here: 4th Dimension: Bitcoin-Manipulation-Cartel — Price-Suppression is the Goal

Make no mistake, large monied interests absolutely must have control of the existing monetary system, otherwise they lose control of the populace.

Financier Mayer Amschel de Rothschild explained it in very easy to understand terms:

“Give me control of a nations money supply, and I care not who makes it’s laws”

And if there’s one form of money that stands to upend the entire system, it is one that can be transferred instantly, and to some extent anonymously, to anyone in the world, all the while remaining outside of the direct control of any centralized entity.

They don’t like Bitcoin unless they control it. And that is the goal.

Hattip @theunticket