Coinbase, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has launched a new index fund to track the overall performance of popular currencies traded on their GDAX exchange.

Much like the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) tracks the performance of what are considered to be the thirty most influential publicly traded companies in the United States, the Coinbase Index (CBI) tracks some of the most popular digital blockchain assets weighted by their market capitalization.

In an announcement on the company’s official blog,  Coinbase product manager Reuben Bramanathan says that the new index will take into account the price of a cryptocurrency as well the supply increase, or circulation, of the asset.

The constituents of Coinbase Index are all the assets listed on GDAX…

The index level is calculated by dividing the current combined USD market capitalization of all constituent assets by the market capitalization as at January 1, 2015, the starting date for the Index.

Coinbase Index is reconstituted each time that a new asset is listed on GDAX.

Coinbase Index is calculated based on the latest price data from GDAX and the latest total supply of each asset on its blockchain.

Source: Coinbase Asset Management

As of this moment only four cryptocurrencies have been listed with the following asset weightings in the CBI:

Bitcoin (62%)

Ethereum (27%)

Bitcoin Cash (7%)

Litecoin (4%)

In addition to the announcement of the Coinbase Index, the company has also announced a Coinbase Index Fund that allows direct investment to track multiple cryptocurrencies, much like groupings of publicly trades stocks can be purchased in Exchange Traded Funds, or ETFs.

Coinbase says that the new CBI Fund will only be available to U.S. residents and accredited investors.