The global gambling industry may never be the same.

One of the first industries to begin exploring the viability of blockchain technology to secure transactions and deliver rapid payments across the globe was the multi-billion dollar gambling sector. Over the last few years numerous projects have popped up in the space, with most focusing their efforts on traditional games of chance like Blackjack, dice and poker.

None however, had set their sights specifically on the sports betting industry until an initial coin offering from an obscure group of developers who called their project Wagerr. Originally launched on the Waves ICO Platform in the summer of 2017 as a way to fund initial exploration and development of a head-to-head sports betting platform, the ICO generated over $10 million and may prove to be one of the best bets in the crypto currency world.

In February the team launched the first of reportedly many updates to come, including a Wagerr wallet built on their own blockchain.

While just a first step, Wagerr has now laid the groundwork for what CEO David Mah recently said would be a blockchain that “disrupts the sports betting industry forever.”

The Wagerr team not only intends to add direct head-to-head betting on their platform by the end of the first quarter of 2018, but the addition of PIVX’s Zerocoin privacy technology will allow gamblers from around the world to place bets on sporting events via a completely anonymous blockchain:

Cryptocurrency developments storm in at a dizzying pace. Case in point: the unprecedented advances in blockchain privacy technology known as Zerocoin Protocol (or zPIV) recently implemented by the PIVX team. The Wagerr Team has always intended to include enhanced privacy features down the road, but since a high degree of privacy is important to the customer base and the Wagerr vision, I insisted on merging this powerful technology into the Wagerr code base now. In addition to the centrality of privacy, introducing it later would necessitate a disruptive hard fork and create a trackable record that may not be in all users’ interests.

It will really be something when the Wagerr blockchain disrupts the sports betting industry forever. We won’t be stopped.

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