In the world of cryptocurrency trading one must expect the unexpected. And the unexpected is exactly what may have happened with beleaguered cryptocurrency Bitconnect on Thursday.

Bitconnect, for those unfamiliar with the story, was recently targeted for shut down by U.S. government and State regulators for operating a fraudulent Ponzi scheme that lured unsuspecting investors into their platform by promising returns as high as 40% per month. In the aftermath of the shutdown investors who bought into the scam saw the value of their holdings reduced by an incredible 99%.

Many are still holding on to hope of a recovery, which may explain the response to a seemingly innocuous internet post earlier today.

At about 13:39 Central time on Thursday the Twitter account @CryptChapo with fewer than 500 followers created a joke tweet that US-based exchange Coinbase was preparing to list the Bitconnect (BCC) cryptocurrency on their massive platform. The Tweet showed a screenshot that appeared to have originated on the Coinbase Official Twitter account.

Coupled with actual pending news from Coinbase at that very moment, the tweet and the shares, likes and rumors that followed may have single-handedly caused a fury of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) buying of Bitconnect. So much so that the price rocketed 75% in a span of hours from a morning open of $0.40 to $0.75.

The price tapered off by evening as most users realized that the surge came on no actual news and that Coinbase was not really going to list the BCC digital currency on their exchange.

To the casual observer who wasn’t involved in Bitconnect and avoided the scam like a plague, the humorous nature of the Tweet was nothing more than yet another entertaining “shitpost.”

But not everyone got the joke, apparently, as @cryptchapo acknowledged in a followup post:

In the end, a little known Twitter page posting a joke was responsible for a massive $3 million dollar market cap boost for a coin with an investor-base that is likely holding on to false hope and hype that they will someday be able to recover their original investment.