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Today’s wallet hunt has been solved and 200 UKG tokens have been claimed by the victor.

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Solved passphrase:

unikrn broadcast malta mgm league of legends woocommerce rahulsood

Generated Private Key:


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Introduction to today’s hunt:

Welcome to the hunt! We’re working on enhancing your wallet hunt experience with improved software, clues and more. Stay tuned and please feel free to comment below with any suggestions.

E-sports are a rapidly growing multi-billion dollar industry. They have become so popular that thousands of spectators often attend events featuring top games and gamers. This week’s wallet hunt centers around Unikoin Gold (UKG), a token designed specifically for use in online e-sports betting. The company behind UKG is announcing new partnerships and technological updates on a near weekly basis, making them the front runner in the e-sport betting landscape.

Today’s wallet contains 200 Unikoin Gold tokens. This is an ERC20 token, so it is stored on the Ethereum network and can be cracked by decoding a private key using the clues below.

This is the wallet address you’ll be working to crack, verifiable on any Ethereum Blockchain Explorer:

0xf39B073c36AB3EA136c7c6F91a9Bbd4fa1D115D7 (View Wallet Hunt)

*note: where applicable, the seed will utilize only lower case letters. No capitalized letters will be used.*

*include a space between each word or item*

*The solution to this Wallet Hunt will be provided once funds have been cracked and moved*

**Please remember: We will NEVER ask you for a private key or wallet seed.**


The name of the e-sporting betting company that issued the Unikoin Gold token. This is a single word and closely resembles the name of the token. (Do not include, Inc, LLC, co, etc.)

SOLVED: unikrn


Mark Cuban is an early investor in UKG. Back in the 1990’s he started a company that was then sold to Yahoo for $5.7 billion. What was the name of the web site and company he sold?

(Do not include the .com )

SOLVED: broadcast


In 2017 Unikoin’s parent company was issued a gaming license to allow it to operate as a gambling entity.

What country issued their license?

SOLVED: malta


The parent company of the UKG token recently partnered with a  major player in the Las Vegas gambling scene. This company will make it possible for UKG’s parent company to host e-sports tournaments right on the Vegas strip.

What are the first three letters of this well known company’s name?



The esports betting platform on which UKG can be used boasts a number of different video games. Gamblers can bet directly on the competitions being streamed. One of the most popular multiplayer online games has been created by Riot Games.

What is the name of this game?

SOLVED: league of legends


UKG recently released a plugin to allow merchants on the internet to accept their token as payment for products and services.

For which e-commerce platform was this plugin built?

SOLVED: woocommerce


What is the Twitter handle of the CEO of UKG’s parent company?

SOLVED: rahulsood


The UKG prize purse for this wallet hunt is stored on a My Ether Wallet.

The phrase created from the clues above, when entered into the WarpWallet as a passphrase, will give you a BITCOIN private key.

UKG is an ERC20 token issued on the Ethereum network, so the private key will not work to unlock the wallet containing your tokens.

You’ll need to convert the private key to Private Key Hexadecimal Format here using ‘Wallet Details’:

Once you have the Hexadecimal private key, you can enter it into MEW to unlock the wallet.



unikrn broadcast malta mgm league of legends woocommerce rahulsood

Generated this private key:


Converted Into Hexadecimal format for My Ether Wallet access:



Answer the clues, crack the wallet, take the UKG.

(Don’t forget to transfer the funds out to your own wallet before someone else does! And once you do, feel free to comment below so that everyone knows you owned the hunt today!)

Good luck!