Today’s wallet has been hacked!

The wallet seed for this hunt is:

emin sirer proof of stake sasha35625 alexey kofman 2016 100

All WAVES have been transferred out of the wallet by the winner. (View Block Explorer)

Individual answers for each clue can be viewed below.

Thanks for playing – Stay tuned for another Wallet Hunt coming soon!

Wallet Hunt Brief:

Welcome to our first hunt! We’re working on enhancing your wallet hunt experience with improved software, clues and more. Please feel free to comment below with any suggestions, complaints or concerns.

Please remember: We will NEVER ask you for a private key or wallet seed.

Introduction to today’s hunt:

Earlier this year Sasha Ivanov, the CEO of WAVES, noted that 2018 will be the year of the platform. And the WAVES Platform is certainly one of the best ones out there. It allows for the creation of your own custom Crypto tokens in under a minute, has a Decentralized Exchange, is the fastest open blockchain available, and will soon have smart contracts to rival other blockchains.

In that spirit, the winner of today’s hunt will gain access to a wallet containing 10 WAVES tokens.

This is the wallet address you’ll be working to hack, verifiable on any Waves Blockchain Explorer:

3P4TAMZd6vqtatB7nMSS49GEqLFJvGerERQ (View The Wallet Here)

*note: where applicable, the seed will utilize only lower case letters. No capitalized letters will be used.*

*include a space between each word or item*

*The solution to this Wallet Hunt will be provided once funds have been hacked and moved*


Last year Waves Platform activated an upgrade that significantly boosted its transaction-per-second capability. That upgrade is called Waves-NG.

The concept and design was developed by the Co-Director of the Initiative for Cryptocurrencies and Contracts at Cornell.

The first two words of the Wallet Seed are the FIRST and LAST name of this individual.

SOLVED: emin sirer


Bitcoin utilizes a Proof-Of-Work mining algorithm . Waves Platform, on the other hand, utilizes a different type of mining algorithm that allows token holders to lease their coins to the network to earn forging rewards.

The next three words for the wallet describe the type of algorithm used.

SOLVED: proof of stake


The next item in the seed is the Twitter username for Waves CEO Sasha Ivanov

SOLVED: sasha35625


Who is the lead developer and product manager for the Waves Platform

His first and last name are the next two words in the seed.

SOLVED: alexey kofman


The next item in the seed is the year in which the Waves Platform was founded

SOLVED: 2016


According to a recent Tweet from Cyrille Wetter, how many transactions can the Waves Platform process per second?

This is the last item in the seed.



Answer the clues, hack the wallet, take the WAVES.

(Don’t forget to transfer the funds out to your own wallet before someone else does! And once you do, feel free to comment below so that everyone knows you owned the hunt today!)

Good luck!