There are scores of cryptocurrency projects aiming to make the future of blockchain web surfing a decentralized and anonymous affair. And as you might expect, there is a healthy bit of skepticism out there surrounding projects centering on privacy.

But several teams at the forefront of this technology such as Shift, Maidsafe and Substratum remain un-phased and continue to inch forward with development.

One of these in particular has seen a significant rise in popularity in recent months. Having risen from an ICO price point of $0.08 cents to a whopping $3 in early January before retreating to a post-Bitcoin crash price of about $0.60 today, Substratum says that they have developed a web interface that will allow users to interact with the internet just like they do today, but to do so in a completely secure and anonymous environment.

That’s a claim that has been made by various other teams, but what makes Substratum different is that the technology will require no special applications from those wanting to visit Substratum-secured websites. And those who want to remain completely invisible online when sending or receiving data need only install a node hosting application on their preferred device.

It’s essentially a plug-and-play anonymous internet that promises to bypass even the hardest core censoring, including the Great Firewall of China.

In the following video SubstratumNode technical lead Dan Wiebe explains in layman’s terms how such a technology will work.

And as one observer noted, it should cast away all doubt from trolls and fudders about the inner workings of the technology behind Substratum:

Dan Wiebe just took all you armchair-programmers, CS students, and the casual skeptics to class.

As Dan shows, once a user installs a substratum node on their device (a simple download and install), the routing, resource allocation and even domain name server data requests all happen within a closed environment utilizing proxy servers, proxy clients, hoppers, data masqueraders and dispatchers.

In short, the end result for users originating and terminating their web traffic on a Substratum node is complete and total anonymity.