Recent reports make it clear that the National Security Agency is actively monitoring Bitcoin users. According to the reports, sourced via whisteblower Edward Snowden, the spy agency has used all manner of tradecraft to target Blockchain users by compromising passwords, logging their keystrokes and even using phishing methods by redirecting standard internet traffic to their own websites so they can collect data from unsuspecting web surfers.

From a national security perspective one should expect nothing less. We already know the NSA is monitoring, storing and aggregating our personal data and conversations, so to suggest they aren’t all over the blockchain would be naive.

But just because they are trying to monitor the blockchain doesn’t mean there is no way to avoid the surveillance web.

According to Future Money Trends President Daniel Ameduri, there are still ways to remain anonymous when utilizing pseudonymous cryptocurencies like Bitcoin.

I don’t think people should be as worried as Facebook users, where they’re tracking everything… when it comes to Bitcoin, if anything, this is why you want to own Bitcoin because it does keep you anonymous… The NSA tried to identify users… we know the transactions are open for all to see.. but the users themselves are private if they set up their account or their wallet privately, with private keys… If you’re using Coinbase, of course, the IRS has your information… the NSA has your information…

But for the true Bitcoin enthusiast, someone who’s concerned and who’s looking for privacy, there are ways to set it up and keep your identity private. 

If somebody wants to own Bitcoin and you want that privacy because privacy is important to you there are ways to implement those strategies… my own website has it at Future Money Trends… There are many other places you can Google it… hopefully you’re not googling into an NSA program that’s just capturing your information…

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