After nearly 24 hours this week’s hunt has been solved, the wallet has been cracked and funds have been transferred.

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Wallet Address:

23m9ZaMx1ccn7tT5D5bDDiTUGKgy4QG1Lf4 (block explorer)

Skycoin Wallet Seed:

synth kitty 24 cash skyminer

Scroll down below for answers to the clues.

Introduction to today’s hunt:

Welcome to the hunt! We’re working on enhancing your wallet hunt experience with improved software, clues and more. Stay tuned and please feel free to comment below with any suggestions.

For the last several years a somewhat secretive group of developers have been working on a blockchain project that aims to change the very fabric of how the internet works. From software to hardware, the team at Skycoin has imagined and put into practice an entirely new infrastructure that will decentralize not just your web surfing experience, but how you connect the internet in the first place.

To say the end result of this project would be a revolutionary achievement is an understatement.

It is, by all accounts, an entirely new internet.

Before you get into the clues below, we encourage you to download the Skycoin wallet, because it’ll take a few minutes to sync with the Skycoin blockchain.

Today’s wallet address contains 5 SKY (Plus over 46,000 Coinhours!) and can be verified via the Skycoin Block Explorer:


You’ll find the clues for the seed required to crack the wallet below.

*note: where applicable, the seed will utilize only lower case letters. No capitalized letters will be used.*

*include a space between each word or item*

*The solution to this Wallet Hunt will be provided once funds have been cracked and moved*

**Please remember: We will NEVER ask you for a private key or wallet seed.**


What is the name of the hardware device being used to process transactions and data on the Skycoin mesh network? Many of these were shipped to network testers earlier this year.

(This is a single word)

SOLVED: skyminer


On the Skycoin network “Coinhours” will be used to pay network miners for processing transactions, data and bandwidth. They will also be used by users to pay for these services.

If you have one Skycoin in your Skycoin wallet, how many Coinhours will you earn in 24 hours?

(this item is a number, not a word)



The Skycoin team is comprised of experts from the blockchain community, including original developers on the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains. One founder in particular is outspoken and often acts as the spokesperson for the project. He goes by a pseudonym.

What is his pseudonym?

(this is a single word)

SOLVED: synth


Skycoin is developing an application similar to Ehtereum’s “Crypto Kitties”. What is the name of this Skycoin application?

(The name of this app is comprised of two words)

SOLVED: kitty cash


The above clues will provide exactly five (5) seed items/words. The seed is NOT in the same sequential order as the clues provided.

There are 120 possible permutations of these words.

Get the correct seed permutation and you’ll crack the the wallet.

SOLVED: synth kitty 24 cash skyminer

Answer the clues, crack the wallet, take the SKY.

(Don’t forget to transfer the funds out to your own wallet before someone else does! And once you do, feel free to comment below so that everyone knows you owned the hunt today!)

Good luck!