Earlier this week Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin announced that he would be live-tweeting his thoughts on the “Bitcoin, Controversy over Principle” presentation at the Deconomy conference. The presentation included notable names like Bitcoin Cash CEO Roger Ver, as well as self proclaimed Bitcoin “creator” Craig Wright.

It’s no secret that Buterin has previously engaged in a war of words and ideas with Wright, and he didn’t disappoint today.

As the presentation played out, Buterin highlighted that the feud between he and Wright remained in full swing.

As The Next Web details, the Ethereum founder weighed in on a variety of points, disagreeing with several aspects of the presentation and ended his Live Tweeting with a direct slam on Wright:

You’d think when Buterin ended with “fin” that it was over. But the fireworks were just starting, as shown in the below video shared with BlockCubed by @nevmech

In a follow-up presentation to address what have been referred to as “erroneous” claims by Ver and Wright, Buterin took to the stage for a Q&A… and he pulled no punches, to the delight of numerous audience members:

Not one to sit idly by while the creator of the world’s second most popular cryptocurrency shames him in front of a live audience (plus the thousands of people now watching the above video on the internet), Craig Wright came back at Buterin with guns blazing:

Chances are this won’t be the last time these two go head-to-head, so buckle up.